Karim Benchenane
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The MOBs team is part of the Brain Plasticity Unit (UMR 8249 CNRS ESPCI-ParisTech). The aim of the team, headed by Karim BENCHENANE since 2012, is to understand the role of oscillations and brain states in memory processing and neural coding by using extracellular recordings in freely moving rodents.

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 "Explicit memory creation during sleep demonstrates
a causal role of place cells in navigation"
, Nature Neuroscience

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PRESS REVIEW -  on March 9-10, 2015

"Rodent recall: false but happy memories implanted in sleeping mice", Hannah Devlin, The Guardian

"Le Sommeil, fabrique à souvenirs", , Le Monde

Animals Can Be Given False Memories, Karen Hopkin, Scientific American

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"Des faux souvenirs implantés pendant le sommeil", Guillaume Jacquemont, Pour la Science

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One Day, Scientists May Be Able To Erase Negative Memories In Your Brain While You Sleep, Caroline Gregoire, Huffingtonpost USA

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"Scientists May Be Able to Turn Your Bad Memories Into Good Ones", Tessa Berenson, The Time

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"False memories implanted into sleeping mice to create happy place",
Hannah Osborne, International Business Times

"Artificial memories: French scientists implant false memories in brains of sleeping mice",
Nicky Phillips, The Sydney Morning Herald

'Memories are IMPLANTED into the brains of mice while they sleep
and the technique could one day be used in humans', Sarah Griffiths, MailOnline

Quand les rêves deviennent réalité, Sophie Vandermolen, Courrier international

Cervello: falsi ricordi felici impiantati nei topi. "Se mi lasci ti cancello", con il (finto) ricordo di un principe azzurro", Giulia Belardelli, Huffington Post

"Researchers devise a way to alter feelings attached to memories in mice while they sleep", Bob Yirka, Medical Xpress

How to Insert a Memory Into the Brain of a Sleeping Mouse, Eliza Strickland, IEEE Spectrum

Un ricordo artificiale impresso per la prima volta nella mente di un topoLa Repubblica

"La Une de la Science", La Tête au carré,
France Inter, on March 12, 2015 :





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